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Salesforce Platform provides hardware, software, and services to automate business processes and integrate with external applications to provide a responsive layout to users. Users can build apps using open source languages using Heroku, a support and control features in the Platform cloud. One important feature of the Platform cloud is Salesforce Lightning Design System, which assists developers by providing guides and code for building apps. Users can easily build enterprise applications by dragging and dropping components into the Lightning App Builder. Lighting Connect is another important feature which allows users to connect their apps with external data sources.

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Saleforce Platform Overview

  • Enables seamless integration between sales and service with no complicated or costly deployments
  • Enables anyone with coding knowledge to develop a fully customized application in any language
  • Being central to many functions of an organization, it enables the building of extensions and integrations
  • Enables creating apps of many businesses for deployment on many devices from mobile, tablet to web
  • Developers joining the Lightning platform are fast making better apps to increase their skills and earning a good living
  • Enables connecting of any app to all the Salesforce data to provide a single point of view for all customer interaction
  • Enables sharing of the work with real-time collaboration for which the admins and business uses like to use it more
  • Empowers the sales team with customer insights, including the unhappiness of a product to offer discounts and others to retain them
  • Makes service team smarter by knowing the complete history of the customer to provide personalized and productive service

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