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One of the most prevalent trends to which you must adhere in order to protect privacy standards is data security. Additionally, it is essential to safeguard your data when sharing information online. It could be disastrous for the entire organization if an unauthorized user obtains the data. 

Recently, there have been cyberattacks against some IT companies in a well-known city where the hackers have demanded 5 crores plus amount. 

The firms reportedly received automated alerts that their applications crashed on Monday, which had an impact on their day-to-day accounting. Initially, there was no logical justification for the abrupt halt.

The operations of these IT companies, which used to look after many prominent companies, have been impacted by the malware. 

Therefore, companies should increase their efforts to protect their data from threats and incidents in this era of more virtual work and growing reliance on digital devices.

In order to do so, Salesforce is your ultimate savior. Salesforce was designed with security in mind to safeguard your data and applications. To fit the needs and structure of your company, you can also implement your own security plan. Protecting your data is a joint responsibility between you and Salesforce. 

Salesforce CRM

Why is Salesforce regarded as the market’s most secure software?

Organizations must take data protection seriously because failure to do so can have disastrous effects. Salesforce provides you with a number of functionalities, safeguards, and tools to improve security and ensure the integrity of the information in your organization. Each of them is shared below:

Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA is a secure authentication technique that asks users to provide two or more pieces of identification proof in order to confirm their identity. A contributing factor could be your login name and password. The use of authentication software or security keys could be another factor. For a more secure authentication process, these authenticator apps generate one-of-a-kind login codes.  Additionally, it has biometric verification. Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning are among the most common methods.

Restrict access by using IP ranges.

Salesforce uses a multi-tenant architecture that allows users to share resources while maintaining their privacy and security. Administrators can limit access by using IP ranges to make sure that only authorized users can access your organization. These impose access restrictions by necessitating that users sign into Salesforce from predetermined IP addresses, usually ones connected to your corporate network or VPN.

Limit the number of failed logins.

After attempting to log in using a password that is incorrect, this feature will only allow a maximum of three more options to log in. 

Force a session reboot when a user is inactive.

The session will end when the timer runs out. The user must log in again in order to continue working.

Regularly generate a new encryption key.

Salesforce advises you to create a new encryption key on a regular basis if you use platform encryption.

 Evaluate the use of the Salesforce shield.

Salesforce offers the payment tool Salesforce Shield for businesses that must adhere to higher security standards. It consists of three security tools: Field Audit Trail, Event Monitoring, and Shield Platform Encryption.

Shield Platform Encryption is significantly more intricate and thorough than traditional Salesforce encryption. Along with some custom fields, it would enable you to encrypt a variety of widely used standard fields. Only a specific kind of custom text field designed for that purpose can be protected using classic Salesforce encryption.

Detailed performance, security, and usage information for all of your Salesforce apps is available to you via real-time event monitoring. 

Salesforce is nothing more than a barrier that will guard your data against all types of theft. Therefore, switch to “safe and secure” mode to make sure you don’t get robbed. 

We at Techabled completely comprehend your concern about data security, so in order to assist you in this situation, make sure you have complete faith in Salesforce, the best CRM in the world.

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