3 Ways Salesforce is Changing Education Technology Trends

Modern cloud computing capabilities have enabled any school to function on a single platform that is mobile-ready and user-friendly. Innovative solutions that keep up with current technological developments will benefit both learners and institutions. Data literacy, user experience, and workforce training programs may all benefit from using Salesforce’s Education Cloud products.

1. Making Use of Data Literacy

Salesforce capabilities that allow you to effortlessly gather, view, analyze, understand, and share data make scaling your education technology system viable. According to the Salesforce Connected Student Report, 31% of university teachers and staff believe their school employs many technology platforms and that getting the data they need to execute their jobs successfully is tough. With Salesforce, you can operate on a single platform that allows you to make data-driven choices at any stage of the student lifecycle.

Salesforce can assist institutions by:

1.) Monitor trends in application and enrollment.

2.) Identify problematic pupils for early intervention automatically.

3.) Recruit and handle potential donors

4.) Communicate survey results and interpret them

5.) Examine space utilization

6.) Compare to peer institutions

7.) Demonstrate fiscal responsibility

8.) Improve departmental communication.

2. Optimizing the User Experience

From recruiting and admissions to student achievement, Salesforce CRM consultants provide a one-stop shop with user-friendly capabilities! More than 90% of Cloud’s education clients place a premium on improving the user experience for their constituencies (students, employees, parents/guardians, instructors, partners, and administration). Salesforce experience cloud allows universities to get a 360-degree perspective of their students.

3. Bringing Workforce Training Programs and Connections Together

Strategic alignment across K-12, postsecondary education, and the workforce are being emphasized by educational institutions and the industry. Software is replacing manually managed workforce development opportunities and partnerships with groundbreaking automation targeted at speedy and effective communication between students and professors with the aid of the Education Cloud.

Salesforce Cloud platform can assist schools by:

1.) Improve opportunity, connection, and placement tracking

2.) Provide reliable performance evaluation and reporting data.

3.) Maintain a record of partner interaction and placements.

4.) Simplify career and workforce development counseling

5.) Improve communication and openness

6.) Keep track of and maintain agreements/partner memorandums of understanding.

salesforce experience cloud1

What is the “student experience” exactly?

“We prefer to conceive of the student experience as a journey that is molded by every touchpoint a student has with their school,” we say. The experience component is critical to total learner success, and it begins long before a student even sets foot on campus for the first time. The initial encounter a potential student has with your school sets the tone for the type of experience they will have once enrolled.

“Educational institutions have also witnessed firsthand the ability to leverage technology to scale the extraordinary efforts of their teachers and staff.” That isn’t going away anytime soon, in my opinion. Indeed, I see institutions continue to learn from one another, exchanging digital engagement ideas and discovering new methods to improve the student experience. I also see a lot of opportunity in Education Cloud (salesforce cloud platform) for powering those digital experiences with a single linked platform across the student journey.”

Techabled is a proud Salesforce consulting partner for some of the best-connected products in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our knowledge of these linked apps, along with our core Salesforce skills, has resulted in some of our most successful projects.

Despite the fact that our technological competence extends far beyond basic CRM, the Salesforce suite of products and its network of third-party solutions remain at the heart of our work.

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