Identifying the Key Risks in CRM Lead Management and How to Mitigate Them?

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No business wants its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts to fail. Despite the best intentions, hundreds of CRM management software fail. Many fail to deliver, and many more fail to complete in the first place. In working on several worldwide CRM lead management projects for some of the largest multinational corporations, We learned to recognize some of the primary risks that contribute to CRM project failure (some of these items here can be generalized to all types of projects although). Many project failures can be avoided if we grasp these dangers and sensitize the project team and senior management to them. 

Key Risks in CRM Lead Management Software:

CRM Lead management

Poor Business Requirement 

Inadequate Business Needs Reduce the risk associated with requirements engineering by employing an expert consultant who can record the requirements in more detail and eliminate the possibility of requirements creepage. The majority of CRM-lead management efforts fail to owe to a lack of understanding of business requirements. What the CRM lead management vendor offered them, what they understood, what the CRM implementation consultant understood, and what was eventually delivered must all be in sync. Sometimes businesses expect particular capabilities to be included in the software that, when not provided, make them dissatisfied and contribute to poor adoption. 

Bugs and defects  

Bugs and defects in a delivered project are a definite way to earn the fury of end customers. This will effectively destroy the initiative since adoption will occur instantly. Implementing a CRM lead management project without doing testing and quality checks is akin to driving in the dark; you never know which fault or flaw will appear when and where. Employ an outside team for quality assurance and software testing. Create a QA environment and a QA methodology for your project. 

Overspending on the budget  

Budgeting is essential, yet budget overruns are typical in undertakings. Oftentimes, we are unable to envision extra functionality that was not originally planned. Several parts turn out to be more difficult than we anticipated. CRM lead management initiatives are prone to budget overruns. Yet, we must budget for and manage them on an ongoing basis, as well as measure them against actual costs. Additionally, for any budget overruns, we must ensure that we obtain management approvals far before they exceed the line. 


Manage the above hazards before they become genuine risks to eliminate risks from your CRM lead management project. If you do not manage the project’s risks, it may result in a business risk that is difficult to control. To discuss your CRM lead management project or our approach to managing your future CRM project, please contact us using the contact form on the sidebar. 

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